ProDen Perfect Dental Finger


The Perfect Dental Finger is a microfibre cloth that you put on your index finger and clean your cat’s and dog’s teeth.


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Product info / Description

The microfibre tooth cleaner contains 12.000 times more fibres than a conventional toothbrush. This provides a more effective but gentle cleaning power and plaque removal. Each fibre contains antibacterial silver ions to reduce the bacteria on contact. The action of the microfibre also massages the gums, maintaining oral health.

Microfibres absorb odours and plaque-forming bacteria. Silver ions helps reduce bacteria and helps reduce plaque.

The product also helps to reduce tartar and bad breath.

Note: Do not allow your cat or dog to swallow the product.



How to

Place the Perfect Dental Finger on your index finger and secure the loop to your middle finger. Moisten the Perfect Dental Finger slightly with a little water and gently clean your cat’s or dog’s teeth. Rinse with warm water after use. Replace after 4-6 weeks.

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