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Swedencare- the story of how it all began

Welcome to Swedencare and the amazing world of animal-health products. Today, Swedencare has established itself in all major markets as an innovative and reliable pet health company. But just as many other fantastic innovations, our story began with a fascinating and accidental discovery and a curious scientist…

Chapter one

A surprising improvement

The story of Swedencare and ProDen PlaqueOff begins in the 1970ÔÇÖs, when Swedish dentist Dr. Sune Wikner by chance discovered that one of his patients, who had previously suffered from chronic tartar formation, suddenly displayed a greatly improved oral health. The apparent change baffled Dr. Wikner who decided to find out what had caused the plaque and tartar to disappear.

Chapter two

A connection was discovered

After some investigating, Dr. Wikner realized there was something new in his patientÔÇÖs diet that was keeping the tartar at bay. Eventually, the dentist traced the therapeutic ingredient which turned out to be a certain type of kelp, which was consumed by his patient on a regular basis.

Chapter three

Exploring the natural and active ingredient

Due to different circumstances, it was not until twenty years later that the curious link between the kelp and oral health was further explored. In 1999, Sune Wikner and colleague-to-be Roland Fastberg came across a dog in the north of Sweden whose teeth appeared to have been positively affected by a pet food which contained the very same marine kelp.

Chapter four

The birth of Swedencare

As a result, Dr. Sune Wikner and Roland Fastberg created the company Swedencare which together with dentists, veterinarians and others conducted a number of pilot studies in humans and pets in Sweden.

Chapter five

Proven, tested and loved all over the world

Today, ProDen PlaqueOff® is a unique, sustainable solution that secures oral health. It comes with a dental heritage, 17 years on the market and 1.5 billion doses sold, which gives us exclusive knowledge and competence regarding oral health. It is also proven and tested, as well as certified by VOHC, making it safe for your pet. We keep a high pace to open up new countries and markets with new product launches within our broad portfolio.


We care about improving the health and wellbeing of pets, creating reassurance for the pet parents, worldwide and throughout life.


Our vision is to be a leading global companion animal health group with products for dogs, cats and horses within the premium segment.